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Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique
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E-mail:nathann dot cohen 'at' gmail dot com
Address: LRI Laboratoire de Recherche en Informatique
Bât 650 Université Paris-Sud 11
91405 ORSAY Cedex



Sage patches written / reviewed

Graph tutorialLinear Programming TutorialSagebook
Some LP in Sage

If you have some code which could be useful to Sage, if you can help us review patches... Or even if you just have any question about Sage's graphs or the use of Linear Programming -- send me an email ! :-)

Nice things I read ....

- Every H-decomposition of Kn has a nearly resolvable alternative
 Noga Alon, Raphael Yuster

- Coloring, sparseness, and girth
 Alon et al.

- Orientations making k-cycles cyclic
  Zita Helle, Gábor Simonyi

- The journey of the union-closed sets conjecture
  Henning Bruhn, Oliver Schaudt

- Exact algorithms for Maximum Clique
  Patrick Prosser

- Combinatorial Designs: Constructions and Analysis
  Douglas Stinson
  (Sage patch #15259)

- On quadruple systems Lowell W. Beineke
  Overlap Cycles for Steiner Quadruple Systems
  Victoria Horan ,Glenn Hurlbert
  (Sage patch #14562)

- Characterizations of derived graphs
  Lowell W. Beineke
  (Sage patch #13961)

- Packing Graphs: The packing problem solved
  Yair Caro, Raphael Yuster

- Self-Complementary Graphs and Generalisations:
  a Comprehensive Reference Manual

  Alastair Farrugia

- Strongly regular graphs
  Peter J. Cameron

- A Ramsey-Type theorem for bipartite graphs
  Paul Erdos, Andras Hajnal, Janos Pach

- A note on regular Ramsey graphs
  Noga Alon, Sonney Ben-Shimon, Michael Krivelevish

- A Cleanup on Transitive Orientation
   Klaus Simon , Paul Trunz
  (Sage patch #12874)

- McKay's Canonical Graph Labeling Algorithm
  Stephen Hartke, A.J. Radcliffe


Nice things I draw ....

And until Google admits that his page exists, here is a link toward the homepage of Thomas Connor